Using Robotic Survey Equipment to Improve Job Performance and Efficiency

Using Robotic Survey Equipment to Improve Job Performance and Efficiency

Robotic survey equipment has revolutionized the way the industry conducts land surveys. GPServ offers this type of advanced surveying equipment in our online survey supply store.

One distinct advantage of robotic survey equipment is the precision electronic instrumentation.  You no longer need a multi-person surveying crew thanks to the remote operated instrument. In fact, in most cases, the use of robotic survey equipment means that only one or two people may be needed to perform the survey layout.

Another advantage of robotic survey equipment is the vastly improved precision, accuracy and speed.  These units use lasers to record distances.  And, not only do they measure on horizontal planes like conventional total stations, but they also record vertical elevation.  Improved precision increases the efficiency and accuracy of work.  This saves time during the layout process itself, and decreases the need for additional field work.

GPServ’s Spectra FOCUS 35 RX 5″ Robotic Total Station is an example of precision surveying equipment that is completely automated.  Its patented StepDrive™ motion technology eliminates the need for traditional motion locks.  And, unlike conventional surveying equipment, it is also equipped with a tracking sensor that allows the unit to accurately track the range pole and lock onto the prism.

One concern about robotic survey equipment is its size and weight. While this was a genuine concern with older models, the newer units are more compact and, in most cases, fit nicely in a conventional total station backpack. Another question we are often asked when it comes to robotic survey equipment is about the learning curve.  Most surveyors find robotic survey equipment very easy to learn and operate.  Plus, if you purchase from GPServ, one of our survey equipment experts is always available to answer any questions.

There is no time like the present to convert to robotic survey equipment.


Today’s investment will yield a significant cost savings in the future. For more information about this and other surveying equipment, please visit our comprehensive and convenient online survey supply store.