Robotic Survey Equipment – The Land Surveyors Tool of Choice

robotic survey equipment

Robotic survey equipment has come a long way over the past several years.  While some early models were a bit buggy, robotic survey equipment is now more reliable than ever.  Land surveyors in particular are finding benefits to using advanced surveying equipment and surveying accessories. Let’s take a look at why the industry is turning toward using more advanced surveying equipment and surveying accessories:

  1. Robotic survey equipment saves time (and money).

Robotic survey equipment can complete the job in less time than traditional surveying equipment and surveying accessories.  Less manpower is required as well. Robotic survey equipment also allows crews to work in the elements.  Reduced time and manpower needed to complete the job translates to a significant cost savings!

  1. Advanced surveying equipment and surveying accessories tend to be more accurate and efficient.

Old school surveying equipment utilizes a compass and steel chain.  Robotic survey equipment incorporates advanced technologies such as GPS, tracking sensors and motorized drive systems to ensure precision.  In most cases, robotic survey equipment reduces the likelihood of human error and is accurate to the thousandths of a foot.

  1. Robotic survey equipment can cover more area.

If you are surveying large tracts of land, robotic survey equipment can cover a much larger area over longer distances vs. traditional surveying equipment.

GPServ is proud to offer robotic survey equipment from trusted manufacturers including Trimble and Spectra Precision. In fact, we are an authorized Nikon, Spectra Precision and Trimble survey equipment dealer.  Authorized Spectra and Trimble survey equipment dealers have extensive knowledge of the product and can help guide you in your purchase.  If you are in the market for any type of surveying accessories or surveying equipment, including robotic survey equipment, give us a call today!