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(Part 2)

Time is money. GPServ recognizes the challenges of surveying a project quickly, accurately and efficiently the first time. Using the proper surveying equipment and surveying accessories is the first step toward accomplishing this goal.  Our online survey supply store has many GNSS receivers with a wide range of capabilities.  Last month, we highlighted three quality units from our online GPS equipment sales department.  Below are three more options to help speed up production and increase accuracy:

Trimble R2 GNSS Receiver

GPServ’s survey supply store offers a wide selection of Trimble products including the Trimble R2 GNSS receiver.  This highly recommended receiver is easy to set up and operate, pairs with mobile devices and delivers real-time level positioning accuracy (submeter to centimeter).  Designed to deliver maximum accuracy and positioning, the Trimble R2 GNSS Receiver supports multiple augmentation systems and satellite constellations, making it perfect for any GIS field data collection application.

Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS Receiver

Another type of GPS survey equipment for sale in our survey supply store is the Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS receiver.  This unit is a next generation GNSS receiver that couples GNSS RTK technology with revolutionary GNSS processing. The SP80 is the most connected receiver in the industry; offering cellular, Wi-Fi and UHF communications.  Includes hot-swappable batteries and features patented Z-blade technology. backup RTK and RTK bridge.

Net R9

The Net R9 is a rugged device featuring integrated remote management tools and designed to perform even in harsh environments. Utilizing Trimble GNSS technology, the Net R9 offers 440 channels supporting multiple tracking performance Bluetooth, ethernet, serial and USB.

GPS survey equipment is the wave of the future.  The ability to survey a project faster with the desired accuracy the first time will increase your bottom line.  GPServ’s experts can help you navigate all of our GPS survey equipment for sale in our survey supply store.  They are just a click or phone call away from helping you take your business to the next level!