How Modern Surveying Accessories and Equipment Have Revolutionized the Field of Archeology

How Modern Surveying Accessories Have Revolutionized Archeology

Seasoned archaeologists probably remember the days when archaeological digs started with the tedious and elongated process of conducting numerous manual ground surveys of a potential site, writing findings down on paper, then making “educated guesses” on where to perform digs.  Archeology has taken a more “technical’ turn thanks to modern GIS equipment. Trimble survey equipment has become popular in the archeology field.  Drone mapping equipment and surveying accessories also assist archeologists in a variety of ways.  Let’s take a look at how today’s GIS is revolutionizing the field of archeology.

Archaeological Surveying

Tools such as Trimble survey equipment and surveying accessories can be used to identify new sites as well as survey the area after an excavation.  The goal is to be as non-intrusive as possible so as not to further disturb the site.  Remote surveying can be conducted with aerial or drone mapping equipment.  This is especially useful when mapping aspects of a site that cannot be seen from the ground, such as elevation changes or ridges where a building once stood.

Mapping boundaries

Drone mapping equipment is being used all over the world to map out boundaries at archeological sites.  Aerial surveys can determine if there has been any penetration, squatters or “looting” of an area. Drone mapping equipment can also be used to create detailed maps to legally register boundaries with the proper governing authority.

Assessing Damage

Excavation can result in some damage to the archeological site.  Trimble survey equipment, drone mapping equipment and various surveying accessories can be used to compare pre-excavation and post-excavation surveys to determine what damage – if any – has occurred.

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