TruPulse Rangefinder


TruPulse Laser Rangefinder 360B

The TruPulse 360 B offers all the same functionality as the standard 360 model, but this laser has Bluetooth® capabilities for wireless data collection. This model is also available yellow, tan and grey. Some features include:
Capable of wireless data connection
Measures HD, VD, SD, INC, HT, AZ and ML
3-shot height routine & 2-shot missing line routine
How the TruPulse Laser Rangefinder Measures Up:
Measures distances, height, missing line* and azimuth*.
Fits inside a vest pocket and is very economical.
Displays all measurements and menus right in the scope.
Integrates with GPS and popular GIS software.

TruPulse Rangefinder
LTE7005530 (Yellow)
LTE7005560 (Grey)

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