The HydroLite-DFX™


The HydroLite-DFX™ is a portable dual frequency echosounder. The system combines both low-frequency (30 kHz) and high frequency (200 kHz) transducers in one unit enabling penetration through soft sediments to detect harder layers as well as detection of the surface layer. The unique design is a helpful tool for bottom classification as well. GPS and data collector sold separately.

Scope of Supply:

  • SonarMite DFX Bluetooth Echosounder System (Part No. SEA1102)
  • Seafloor HydroLite-TM Mounting Bracket/Pole Kit (Part No. SEA1003)
  • Large rugged shipping case (Part No. SEA1007)


  • GPS
  • digital bar check
  • tide gauge
  • motion sensor
  • data acquisition software