Product Spotlight: Robotic Survey Equipment

robotic survey equipment

Robotic survey equipment has transformed the way land surveyors and related professionals complete projects.  What distinguishes robotic survey equipment from manual surveying equipment is that it allows the instrument to automatically follow the rodman via a radio link between the instrument and the controller, without a person behind the instrument looking through the telescope. In fact, some new Robots don’t even have a way to look through them any longer, relying completely on cameras. Manual surveying equipment requires a user behind the instrument to manually adjust and aim whereas robotic survey equipment turns and aims automatically based on commands coming from the rodman.

Benefits of using robotic survey equipment include:

  1. Ability to be operated remotely
  2. Most projects can be completed by a single person vs. an entire team
  3. Automated aiming and target locking means the job is completed quickly and efficiently
  4. Ability to see the image on a screen vs. only the view finder

As a full-service survey supply store, GPServ offers top of the line surveying equipment and surveying accessories. Spectra, Nikon and Trimble survey equipment are among the products we are proud to represent.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the robotic survey equipment you can find in our survey supply store:

If you are seeking to improve accuracy and performance, robotic survey equipment may be right for you.  Our survey supply store experts can evaluate your needs and recommend the right surveying equipment and surveying accessories for your business.  Give us a call today!