The survey industry has adopted drones early on and quickly put their capabilities to use.  UAVs ability to assist with 3D scanning of topography is outstanding. Drones can access difficult-to-reach areas and locations and generate 3D mapping. UAVs can access places that are too difficult or dangerous for a person to reach using standard 3D scanning surveying equipment. Moreover, in many instances, UAVs can also scan large swaths of landscapes faster than a human can.


Trimble ZX5 Multirotor Unmanned Aircraft System

The Trimble ZX5 is an accurate, reliable tool in Trimble’s family of UAS solutions. Fast to setup and easy to operate, the Trimble ZX5 allows you to quickly collect data in the field so you can generate the dynamic deliverables required for today’s jobs. It requires no launcher, is easy to deploy and includes everything you need to capture high quality georeferenced photos for applications such as aerial mapping and inspections.


  • Outstanding flight stability and performance even in strong winds
  • Includes a 16 MP camera system and flight planning software
  • Image resolution down to 1 mm
  • Light, compact,foldable carbon design
  • Up to 20 minute mission duration and 2 km range
  • Easy data processing in Trimble Business Center Photogrammetry Module or Trimble UASMaster