GIS Mapping Equipment – Why It’s Important to Purchase from a Reputable Source

GIS Mapping Service

Advances in GIS mapping equipment have revolutionized the way data is gathered, analyzed, managed, articulated and stored. Information can be collected much faster and is more accurate than ever before, even in rough terrain and rugged locations. However, if you are considering making an investment in GIS mapping equipment and want to contact a survey supply store, please listen up. Below are some reasons why it is important to purchase your GIS mapping equipment from a reputable source.

Expert knowledge and guidance

When seeking GIS survey equipment for sale, you want to shop at a survey supply store that has qualified staff who are knowledgeable in GIS mapping equipment and are able to provide you with expert knowledge and guidance. GPServ’s professionals have more than 250 years of combined experience in the GIS mapping equipment field and are able to advise on the best equipment for different types of projects. We can also give you an overview of each product and their features to help you decide on what will best fit your specific needs.

Ongoing service and support

When considering GIS equipment for sale, you want to purchase from a reputable survey supply store offering ongoing service and support. GPServ’s technical experts and support professionals are available via e-mail or telephone to help answer any questions and/or perform service requests. When you call us, you get one of our experts – not a person in a call center who has little or no hands-on experience with GIS mapping equipment.

Ability to rent equipment

Sometimes it is more advantageous to rent equipment. Perhaps you want to try a specific piece of equipment before making a purchase. Or, maybe you need special GIS mapping equipment for a particular job. GPServ offers GPS survey equipment rental and can help you choose the right model for your project. The same professionals who handle sales and service also advise customers on GPS survey equipment rental options.

Purchasing GIS mapping equipment from a survey supply store that is not equipped with the knowledge or expertise to properly advise you can result in very undesirable outcomes. You also want to make sure that your investment is backed by service and support that you can easily access. There are many survey supply stores, both online and brick and mortar, that outsource their support to individuals who may or may not be qualified to offer technical advice or quality repairs.

If you are in the market for GIS mapping equipment or are simply interested in learning more about available options, please give us a call.