The Business Design Centre – home of GEO Business – scanned with a ZEB-REVO in 25 minutes


GeoSLAM 12_no background full_klein




The Geo Slam ZEB-REVO is a lightweight revolving laser-scanner.  Handheld, pole mounted or attached onto your chosen mobile platform such as vehicle or UAV and pass through your target survey environment to record more than 40,000 measurement points/second.

The 100hz sensor captures an evenly spaced and dense dataset which can then be uploaded either onto the GeoSLAM Cloud, or on your own desktop copy of the SLAM software. The SLAM software will transform the measurements into a fully registered point cloud. The data can then be transferred into your existing CAD package ready for analysis and design.

To keep the workflow straightforward the PointCab software can generate JPEG’s and DXF’s directly from the point cloud without the need for the user to manipulate the point cloud directly.


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