You need depths?

GPServ, Inc. is a dealer for the Seafloor Systems, Inc. Hydrolite Echosounder Kit featuring the SonarMite MILSpec™ Echo Sounder, and we have them available for rental. The Sonarmite is available in either single frequency or dual frequency (Sonarmite-DFX) versions. The Hydrolite is very portable and can be shipped or transported in a single shipping case, The Sonarmite is compatible with either the Trimble Access or Survey Controller Field Software for up to centimeter level positioning, and is also compatible with the Trimble TerraSync Field Software for sub-meter, decimeter or even centimeter level positioning as well. When used with the Trimble Access Software you can either export coordinate files with bottom elevations, or you can export elevations with depths separately directly from the handheld to your PC.